This therapy developed by Dr. John Upledger is a non invasive way of addressing a host of problems through the enhancement of cerebro- spinal fluid flow.

Deep tissue

Most people are familiar with this therapy, I like to call it a "tune up".  Not too deep just deep enough to address all the layers.

Myofascial Release

Often times problems of restriction lie in the fascial regions between or around the muscles.  Addressing these tissues give much longer lasting results than just doing deep tissue massage and it is a much gentler technique.


Having an in depth knowledge of the pathways of nerves gives us the ability to trace problems to their root.  Often times pain or dysfunction originates in areas where the symptoms are not.  Knowing common areas of nerve entrapment or compromise  allows us to take care of the problem directly.

Rejuvenating Massage

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a total relaxation massage.  Aromatherapy, Hot stone, or just escape from life for a while.

Stretching Programs

None of us seem to stretch enough.  How to do it properly and incorporate it into our lives is what we do.  Personal demonstrations, instructions and photos to take home,  I want everyone to make stretching a part of their lives.  Just as important as strength training, flexibility helps keep us pain free.

Personal Training

We do functional training.  Exercises that don't require special machines.  Things we can do at home.  Things that don't take gym memberships.  Corrective exercises that restore posture and function.

Nutritional Counseling

I went to college to earn a degree in Holistic Nutrition and Herbal Sciences.  My background is old school, from text books and classrooms.  I work hard to encourage proper nutrition and only recommend supplements when necessary.  Fad diets don't work.  Encouraging lifestyle changes and educating people about proper food choices is the only way to bring about lasting results.

With sports nutrition we are often misled on what foods to eat to improve our game.

Less fat, more protein, low carbs?  In fact all of our energy should come from carbs, good carbs.  The trick is where to introduce our protein and fat.  It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  That's where I come in.  The formulas are simple.